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TDX Power Contact Information

Anchorage Office

3601 C Street, Suite 1000-50
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone 907.762.8450
Fax 907.562.0387

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Executive Offices


Electric Utility Contacts

Customer Help-Desk (billing and related): 1.888.839.7697 or 907.762.8473

Sand Point Generating, LLC
100 Power Plant Way
Sand Point, AK 99661
907.383.4020 (outages, service requests)

TDX Manley Generating, LLC
150 Power Plant Way
Manley, AK 99756
907.672.8446 (outages, service requests)

TDX Adak Generating, LLC
1082 Hillside Blvd.
Adak, AK 99546
907.592.2490 (outages, service requests)
Adak Power Plant: 907.592.2499 (outages, service requests)

TDX North Slope Generating, Inc.
100 Power Plant Way
Deadhorse, AK 99734
907.659.2559 (report outages, service requests)

What our clients say:

"Even though this has been a very difficult project [due to location and climate], the contractor's performance has been excellent throughout."

Brenda Leckrone, Contracting Officer, U.S. Air Force Tin City LRRS Wind Turbine Design-Build

About TDX Power

TDX Power is a recognized expert in small utility systems and a leader in renewable energy power generation. The company operates three regulated electric utilities and one wholesale provider in Alaska, maintaining critical, must-run generation services with an average uptime of 99.8%.

Over the last 12 years, clients in both the public and private sector have come to rely on TDX Power to develop, implement, and operate reliable, cost-effective solutions using diesel, natural gas, and/or renewable energies. In addition, TDX Power assists clients in meeting their energy needs through Power Purchase Agreements.

Job Opportunities

TDX Power offers a variety of job and career opportunities for qualified, motivated individuals. 

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