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Alternative Energy

Project Name: University of Maine Offshore Wind Turbine Microgrid System
Customer: The Glosten Associates
Location: Gulf of Maine
Entity Performed: TDX Power, Inc.

TDX Power is working with The Glosten Associates as part of the front-end engineering and design (FEED) to design the electrical controls system for an inverter-based microgrid system for an intermediate-scale offshore wind turbine test platform. The test platform will support either a Vestas V27 or ACSA A27 225-kW, 60-Hz wind turbine. The second phase of this project involved delivering, installing, and testing the microgrid system.

Project Name: Hybrid Wind/Diesel Power System
Customer: Tanadgusix Corporation
Location: Saint Paul, Alaska
Entity Performed: Tanadgusix Corporation; TDX Power, Inc.

Tanadgusix Corporation contracted with Northern Power to design and install the wind/diesel system on St. Paul Island. After completion, TDX Power began operating the first Native owned and operated independent, hybrid wind/diesel power plant in Alaska. Formally commissioned in 1999, this project capitalized on the emerging hybrid technology as a way to combat escalating fossil fuel prices. The major generation for the hybrid system is provided by a 225-kW Vestas V27 wind turbine. The system supplies electricity and space heat to an 88,000 SF industrial/airport facility and has reduced fuel consumption at the complex by 45%. Future plans involve expanding the wind power capacity and heating infrastructure. A total of 3 Vestas V27 wind turbines are currently installed, and a project is under way to connect the microgrid to the St. Paul municipal utility grid.

What our clients say:

"Even though this has been a very difficult project [due to location and climate], the contractor's performance has been excellent throughout."

Brenda Leckrone, Contracting Officer, U.S. Air Force Tin City LRRS Wind Turbine Design-Build

About TDX Power

TDX Power is a recognized expert in small utility systems and a leader in renewable energy power generation. The company operates three regulated electric utilities and one wholesale provider in Alaska, maintaining critical, must-run generation services with an average uptime of 99.8%.

Over the last 12 years, clients in both the public and private sector have come to rely on TDX Power to develop, implement, and operate reliable, cost-effective solutions using diesel, natural gas, and/or renewable energies. In addition, TDX Power assists clients in meeting their energy needs through Power Purchase Agreements.

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