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Project Name: Design and Install Hybrid Wind/Diesel Project
Customer: U.S. Air Force, 611th Air Support Group
Location: Tin City Long Range Radar Station, Alaska
Entity Performed: TDX Power, Inc.

Designed and constructed a 225-kW power generation platform using a Vestas V27 wind turbine—the first for the U.S. Air Force’s Pacific theater and part of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. TDX Power collaborated with the U.S. Air Force to conduct a feasibility study that involved developing a wind/diesel modeling and simulation software program and calculating the operationality and anticipated fuel savings. The foundation of the package resulted in arctic modifications to the Vestas V27 wind turbine, which included an electric-based heat system to blow warm air up the tower base and through the tips of the turbine blades to shed the anticipated icing load. TDX Power was the principal design firm and general contractor for this remote wind turbine installation and power plant control system upgrade, including supporting switchgear, governors, electric boilers, diesel controls, and operational controls with HMI and SCADA packages. This system became fully operational in 2011 and has the potential to provide the Air Force with an overall energy savings of $433,000 annually.

Project Name: Design and Install Wind Turbine Power Systems
Customer: CH2M Hill
Location: Cape Lisburne and Cape Romanzof, Alaska
Entity Performed: TDX Power, Inc.

TDX Power is contracted to design wind turbine power generation systems at two U.S. Air Force Long Range Radar Stations on the west coast of Alaska. Each site will include two Vestas V27 wind turbines with supporting switchgear, governors, electric boilers, diesel controls, and operational controls including HMI and SCADA packages. Once the design is complete, TDX Power will install the systems. The project will reduce emissions, diesel generator run time, and fuel usage at each LRRS. Wind power will be used to generate electric power and heat to replace electricity and heat produced by a conventional boiler systems and diesel generators.

Project Name: Fuel Tank and Dispensing System
Customer: Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard
Location: Saint Paul, Alaska
Entity Performed: TDX Power, Inc.

TDX Power provided a state-of-the-art fuel storage and supply station to withstand St. Paul Island’s harsh subarctic, maritime environment. The system was designed with elaborate electronic quality and dispensing controls, overfill alarm functions, and water detection capabilities that include a visual and an audible alarm notification to the fuel system operator. This system provided critical fuel for the U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue helicopters, maintaining high fuel quality standards, which is essential given the next nearest search and rescue source is often several hours away.

Project Name: Standby Power Generation Module
Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District
Location: Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
Entity Performed: TDX Power, Inc.

TDX Power was selected to provide a standby power generation module at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. Components include a Caterpillar Diesel Electric Generator and associated balance of plant requirements. TDX Power acquired and installed the equipment and spare parts, and created maintenance and operations manuals. Activities included the construction of a sound attenuation enclosure and automatic transfer switches. TDX Power also performed site construction services, which included design and construction of a concrete foundation for the power module, and ensured that anchor bolts were designed and installed to withstand seismic forces. This project was completed on time and within budget.

Project Name: Design, Construct, and Operate Specialty Power Plant
Customer: The Boeing Company
Location: Ft. Greely, Alaska
Entity Performed: TDX Power, Inc.

TDX Power was the principal contractor responsible for design, construction, and operation of a specialty power plant in support of the Missile Defense Agency Ground-based Midcourse Defense Complex. The project includes design participation with Black & Veatch with input on the power island, switchgear, and SCADA systems, and construction through commissioning of this 8-MW power plant. The power plant must meet force protection requirements including hardened shielding from electronic magnetic pulse. The project is located in a remote subarctic environment with snow loads of approximately 10 feet, high winds, and extreme temperature changes (frequently in the -30°F to -50°F range). Process requirements included being compliant with the Defense Contractor Management Agency and Defense Contractor Audit Agency, and providing program management using an Earned Value Management Systems compliant process. For this project, TDX Power became ISO 9000 compliant, and implemented a quality assurance and quality control program supported by a team of experts.

What our clients say:

"As of now the wind turbine is operating successfully in fully-automatic mode as intended. Even though this has been a very difficult project, the contractor's performance has been excellent throughout."

Air Force Performance Evaluation

June 8, 2011

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