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Technical Services:

TDX Global Solutions provides a complete EPC solution. Our experienced team can design, manufacture and install a system that won’t fail when utility power goes down. We provide in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, testing install and commissioning.

  • Controls integration into oem switchgear
  • In house PLC and HMI programming
  • Balance of Plant/SCADA/Remote monitoring and control/Power Quality Monitoring System/Power Control Monitoring System programming and integration
  • On site system diagnostic troubleshooting and repair
  • On site system training
  • Gas generator, diesel generator, and turbine integration and control

  • Microgrid/Resilience engineering, design, procurement and construction experience as well as integration capabilities for various systems:

  • Diesel
  • Gas Turbine
  • Wind

  • Highly skilled personnel with required certifications, training, and licensing to operate prime and/or standby power generation/distribution equipment and associated systems.

  • Licensed Engineers
  • Licensed Master Electricians
  • NETA Level III Certified Technicians
  • Skilled Electrical/Electronic Technicians

  • Remote Area Operations:

    TDX has extensive experience working and providing technical services in remote locations around the world. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that parts, materials, information, assistance, tooling, test equipment, and any other thing that is typically hard to get in remote locations is easily accessible to our technicians on the ground. We have a proven track record of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the most obscure locations where technological necessities are not readily available.

    Quality Management:

    TDX Global’s Quality Management plan is ISO 9001 compliant. The Quality Management system utilizes a system of standards, checklists, processes, and reviews to ensure the execution of the scope of work meets or exceeds USACE’s expectations. The Quality Management Plan provides TDX Global Solutions, LLC personnel guidance and direction regarding policies and procedures including but not limited to document control, purchasing, training, inspections and testing.


    Control Panel Inspection:
    Visual inspection of controls and monitoring devices, verify communications devices are operating, physically verify wire terminations. Check for correct operation of all components. Run operations from control panel and verify desired results are achieved according to site operational procedures. Run firmware updates as allowable.

    Protection Relay Inspection:
    Visually verify connections, check record of last NETA test, check for current programming, and download fault/error history.

    Electrical Testing:
    Verify the operation of electrically operated breakers in their cubicle, check aux contacts communicate correct position to controls, check operation of charging mechanism, check operation of auxiliary features such as trip and pickup indicators.

    System Function Testing:
    Perform system function tests upon completion of equipment tests according to site OP procedures. Run generator with load against utility or on island mode.

    ATS/Switchgear Inspection:
    Multi-point visual inspection of the automatic transfer switch or power switchgear to ensure there is no damage or signs of excessive wear or lose connections that could cause harm to the equipment or a person. Test all electrical and mechanical interlock systems for proper operation and sequencing. Verify filters are in place and/or vents are clear.

    UPS System Inspection:
    Multi-point visual inspection of the automatic transfer switch or power switchgear to ensure there is no damage or signs of excessive wear or lose connections that could cause harm to the equipment or a person.


    TDX Global, LLC

    What our clients say:

    "TDX Power provided superior engineering and management in turning around a distressed asset in Deadhorse, Alaska."

    Vigo Anderson, Alaska Area Sales Manager, NC Power Systems

    About TDX Power

    TDX Power is a recognized expert in small utility systems and a leader in renewable energy power generation. The company operates three regulated electric utilities and one wholesale provider in Alaska, maintaining critical, must-run generation services with an average uptime of 99.8%.

    Over the last 12 years, clients in both the public and private sector have come to rely on TDX Power to develop, implement, and operate reliable, cost-effective solutions using diesel, natural gas, and/or renewable energies. In addition, TDX Power assists clients in meeting their energy needs through Power Purchase Agreements.

    Job Opportunities

    TDX Power offers a variety of job and career opportunities for qualified, motivated individuals. 

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